Playing With Water:  Journeys Across Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Turkey


Journeys To Slovakia


Environmental Works by  Ahmad Nadalian in Turkey



Environmental Works by  Ahmad Nadalian in UK


Reaction to ignoring historic site


New Print on Sand in the Coast of Persian Gulf


New Carved Rocks in Hormoz Island (Persian Gulf)  March 2007


Link with Prehistoric Art


Stone Garden


Sand Print in Desert

Environmental Art Festival on the Persian Gulf


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Environmental Installation and Music with Garbage


More: Painting on fabric by colored Earth




Earth, Sea, Sun, And Sky
Art in Nature

Barbara Stieff



Death, Life and Love: Hormoz Island


A Journey to South Korea with the Bicycle of Peace


Art works in South Korea

Call for International Environmental Art Festival


The immortal mountain and pure water :  A Journey to China


Art works in China




Polluted Paradise: The 28th Environmental Art Festival - Paradise Garden - Polour- Iran


Salt Sculptures: Collaboration of animals to realize art



Tempered People : Iron- Sculptures by Ahmad Nadalian




Painted Earth Goddesses: Some Thousands Years Continuation of Tradition


The 27th Environmental Art Festival  -  Kotena,  Ghaemshahr - Mazandaran - North of Iran



The 26th Environmental Art Festival  -  Nishabour- Kalateh Shaykh Hassan



Artist/Naturalist- Ahmad Nadalian
John Caddy


Our World:  The Vision of Children & My Petroglyphs



The Museum of Environmental Art



About Kaniz



A Journey to Khozestan, March 2010



24th Environmental Art Festival - Thirsty Lake of Uromieh



Hormoz Island


Persian Gulf Residential Art Center in Hormoz Island



The Magic of Colors and Memory of Objects – 25th Festival of Environmental Art in Iran- Hormoz Island – Persian Gulf



Journey Across Russia: Swimming Against the Tides



Playing With Water:  Journeys Across Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Turkey


Journeys To Slovakia





Environmental Works  in Turkey

Ahmad Nadalian


In my past trips to Turkey, I have left my art works in the nature around Istanbul city.









Sea bird in Istanbul


I also saw painful dead birds



This was the reason I made this cylinder seal




On the beach of Istanbul we can find Jellyfish

My surrounding always inspires me

What I see may reflect in my art






The joy of my fish in water is a window which we can see a different world through it




They catch fish I freed fish





In one of my journeys, I carve these fish on a rock near Sultan Ahmad Mosque






In some Islands near Istanbul I carves fish too










Pollution is seen everywhere



There are two approaches

Beauty and Ugliness

Of course Beauty is much closer to God