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Barbara Stieff lives and works in Vienna as a freelance author , director and cultural educator.


She is an author and stage director who worked for many years at the ZOOM childrenís museum in Vienna. In 2007 her successful book Hundertwasser for Children and in 2008 her The Blue Rider for Children were published by Prestel Verlag.



Sangsar Residental Art Center


Art in the Landscape
Marked in Stone and Sand

An Iranian sculptor brings his art to the river, beachesóand parks.

By Robert C. Morgan




Death, Life and Love: Hormoz Island


A Journey to South Korea with the Bicycle of Peace


Art works in South Korea

Call for International Environmental Art Festival


The immortal mountain and pure water :  A Journey to China


Art works in China




Polluted Paradise: The 28th Environmental Art Festival - Paradise Garden - Polour- Iran


Salt Sculptures: Collaboration of animals to realize art



Tempered People : Iron- Sculptures by Ahmad Nadalian




Painted Earth Goddesses: Some Thousands Years Continuation of Tradition



Pleasure of New life



Mythological Treasures or Contemporary Art


šś‘ Ś Ś« ś ی«ŌŌ«‘ Ś«




Environmental Art Festivals


Bicycle Art & Recycle Art



Mythological Bird: 20th Environmental Art Festival in Iran - Persian Gulf- Hormoz :  (February 2009)  



Bicycle Art & Recycle Art


Archetypal story: Earth painting


 A gift of Persian Gulf from me to people and from people to tourists



Red earth surrounded my soul


Transformation of ugliness to beauty



Work by Ahmad Nadalian @ Environmental Art Calender 2009 in USA


The Fall of Paradise: 19th Environmental Art Festival in Iran - Isfahan :  (October 2008)  


In Paradise


Green People


Jumping Frogs



Earth, Sea, Sun, And Sky     Art in Nature

Barbara Stieff

Perstel   Munich  .  London .  New York  2011

ISBN 978-3-7913-7048-4




Dear Mr. Nadalian, Ahmad,

Iīm very pleased an honored, that you like my book and will promote it on your website.

While researching for the book, I got to know the works of a lot of different Land Art and Nature Art artists. Reading about your works on your website, made a strong impression on me. I read and felt that you do not "make" art, but live art. It seems that you are engaged with nature as an artist, healer, "shaman", teacher,... 

We all need to be reminded constantly, that we are a part of nature, we cannot be separated. And all the harm we do to nature, we cause to ourselves aswell.   

While I worked on that book, my bonding with nature grew stronger. By beholding it through the eyes of various artist my connection became deeper and richer.

What can I say but: thank you for the work you do.

With kind regards,

Barbara Stieff 




Ahmad Nadalian Fish Stones in Water


For the Persian artist Ahmad Nadalian, fish are symbols of human soul. They are thirsty for life.  Like a shaman in earlier times or a good pastor today, Nadlain wants to help people. He engraves the fish onto stones and then returns them to nature once again, where they can become vigorous and swim like fish in water.



Pleasure of New life

As a ritual, I have dropped my carved stones into rivers, canals, reservoirs and seas.  Playing host for the past decade, these bodies of water the world over now hold a surplus of imaginary fish and other creatures.  The purpose of this tradition results in the ultimate goal of dedicating my fish to all humanity.  In documenting the physical process of releasing the fish into water, I came upon a new horizon:  how water accepts and effects the art.  The shapes created by the splash of a stone breaking the water's surface are amazing, thus, it may be considered a "water scuplture".   More





Ahmad Nadalian ,  Hidden Treasure


As part of his art, Ahmad Nadalian buries his creations all around the world in holes in the ground.  People who observe him doing it may secretly want to retrieve the "treasure," hoping to find gold and jewels.  But at the bottom of each hole there is a simple stone with a motif carved into it.  These stones are the treasure, though people often do not realize it. For the carved stones represent the artist's ideas and good wishes for the whole earth.



Hidden Treasures: An Art Exhibition for next Millenniums      Persian

During my frequent travels to different parts of the world, I have buryed many of my carved stones in different land.   In addition, many artists and individuals,  from different nationality carried out and buried my carvings in the different place of the earth.  These mostly show images of fish and human hand and foot traces and animals.   I documented some of these and presented here.   More


Mythological Treasures or Contemporary Art

The story of "Hidden Treasures" began when the people in Polour started to excavate the place where I carved several images and texts on the local rocks.  They hoped to find treasures there.  According to a tradition in the north of Iran, the images of fish or a snake on the rocks can be a sign of treasure. I never ignored that my works are perhaps an indication of treasure when I heard this story.   



About the book:

Earth, Sea, Sun, And Sky     Art in Nature

Barbara Stieff

Perstel   Munich  .  London .  New York



This engaging book introduces young readers to the enormous variety of art that exists within the natural environment.

Art can be a garden; a spiral of broken pebbles or dandelions; a wheat field in a former garbage dump. It can be made of wood carved with a chainsaw or a drawing using dust and earth. It can be transitoryópainted on sand only to be erased by waves; or it can be built to last, like sculpture gardens by renowned artists.  Filled with beautiful images, this book will help children appreciate the different ways that artists employ nature in their work. It examines an array of examples, including sculpture gardens, mazes, land art, and nature-related works in museums while exploring the works of international artists, including Niki de Saint Phalle, Daniel Spoerri, Antonio Gaudi, Christo, the Ant Farm, Nancy Holt, Joseph Beuys, Agnes Denes, and Andy Goldsworthy.  The book provides readers with a wealth of ideas for creating their own paintings, drawings, sculptures, and experiments. Children will experience hours of inspiration as they discover the artistic possibilities that exist in the natural world.

Barbara Stieff is an author and stage director who worked for many years at the ZOOM childrenís museum in Vienna. In 2007 her successful book Hundertwasser for Children and in 2008 her The Blue Rider for Children were published by Prestel Verlag.