Earth Paintings - Hormoz Island March 2009



Bicycle Art & Recycle Art

Do you know that you can rent this bicycle in Hormoz?


Archetypal story: Earth painting


 A gift of Persian Gulf from me to people and from people to tourists



Red earth surrounded my soul


Transformation of ugliness to beauty


A ritual for rain  & feet traces


Thanks to Mr Zarshenas and Salamati, members of the city canciel in Hormoz. They provided the bicycle of peace.

Hasan and Aboulrasoul Daryapeima who facilitated my projects. 

Khadijeh Khonjizadeh,


Alireza Mahwari Habib Abadi the head of Persian Gulf Marine Environmental research center who hosted me in their center

and Kaniz family (her mother , daughter and son) who cooked food for me...


Paintings by Coloured Earth


In Paradise


Jumping Frogs


Green People


PARADISE (PARDIS) is a celestial garden.  The words of paradeisos in Greek, paradise in European languages, and firdaws in Arabic, originally came from Persia the "Avestan pairi-daeza" , meaning garden, itself was the terrestrial image of the celestial garden of paradise. The term of paradise also means a piece of land made more agreeable than its surroundings by cultivation or an enclosure, and especially a royal park.

In the Islamic religious text paradise (firduws), is described as an eternal spring and garden with which the trees have continuous blossoms and everything is joyful.   In this garden, there is no time and its inhabitants are all young.   According to Sufis, paradise is the manifestation of absolute beauty and the inhabitants of "Paradise" enter into every beautiful form that they conceive and desire . Moslem mystics simply interpreted paradise as being the good deeds of man.


Journey across South Africa: The Sprit of Rocks and Water


Calendar of our journey in South Africa


Black & White People


Sand Print in Africa


Freed Fish


Paradise & Hell :18th Environmental Art Festival



In Paradise


Environmental art is the art of the future.  We can learn how to behave with nature. I wish in the future we could have one environmental art event per day.



Pleasure of New life


Art in the Landscape

Marked in Stone and Sand

An Iranian sculptor brings his art to the river, beaches—and parks.

By Robert C. Morgan



Direct Dialogue of two Iranian and American artists for Peace


"The Bird of Peace”

On the first January 2008 we received British sculptor, Benjamin Hewett (Ben) who came to our Paradise. On the 2nd of April 2008, Ben went back home. Before he left I give him one of my carvings which had a design of a bird. I called this bird “the Bird of Peace”. Ben will take it home and make a nest in a hollow of a tree where he lives and this bird will start a new life.


Sculpture Magazine (Vol. 27, No. 2) March 2008


Benjamin Hewett


Dialogues in Diversity  

By John K. Grande


Print of Goddess



Works by Ahmad Nadalian in Darabad - North Tehran

Photos Album